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Story of Sapna

Today we would like to introduce a new believer who first heard the Gospel through this online ministry.


We start with the incredible story of Sapna. When we first met her, she was a young Hindu girl in India, the daughter of a radical Hindu father. She was looking for the true God and wanted to know more about Jesus. We explained everything to her and she soon gave her life to the Lord with joy. We were even able to put her in touch with a Christian sister in her own city. But her father forbade her to talk further with us and immediately went to work to arrange a Hindu marriage for her. He even forbade her to leave the house. Sapna could only talk to us once more and she asked us to pray for her daily that the Lord would heal her and that she would not have to marry a Hindu. After that, we heard nothing for 18 months.

When we heard from her again, she was healthy and in a different city, with a distant family. She had shared her new faith with her mother and had been allowed to stay with family for four weeks. The father had also gradually become less strict and a Hindu marriage had still not been arranged. The Christian sister had meanwhile made contact with the young son of a pastor and even arranged a meeting with Sapna. Another year later and Sapna was happily married to evangelist Timothy, and that was exactly two years ago last month. Praise the Lord who has more than answered all prayers and did miracle after miracle for our young friend in India!

Will you pray and support for this wonderfully fruitful ministry?


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