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"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.” (Psalms 96:3)

Today we would like to introduce a new believer who heard the Gospel through our online ministry.

Story of Ryan

Ryan was one of the many people who received a gospel message from us and wanted to know more about Jesus. He grew up in the Mormon church. Mormons believe that they are the only real followers of Christ and that all others who call themselves Christian are wrong.

They accept the Bible, but they also see other books as the Word of God. They also believe such lies as that humans can become gods if they live good lives. Naturally, it can be very confusing to grow up Mormon.

After reading many messages from us, Ryan decided to contact us and ask us questions. We always took time to give answers but also encouraged him to seek the Lord himself in earnest prayer. Every two or three days he would come with another question and this went on for weeks. He also started praying and it was clear that his heart was open to God. But then, after about three months, the messages stopped. We kept him in prayer, but were busy with the hundreds of others who were seeking. Suddenly, after two years, we saw another message in our mailbox. It was a resounding 'thank you' letter. Not long after messaging us, he had given his life entirely into Jesus' hands and was born again. His life was totally changed, all confusion was gone and he now stood firm on the Rock, Jesus Christ, and His Word alone.

He had finished his education degree in the meantime, and was now a middle school teacher at a Christian school where he shared his faith with great fire and enthusiasm. He is still in contact with us and it is fantastic to see him always talking about Jesus. He is a very outgoing and social person, always up to some adventure with a bunch of others and you can count on it that all of them will hear about what Jesus has done in his life. What a wonderful miracle Jesus has done for this young man, and how many lives will still be changed as Ryan continues to share his story freely with everyone he meets.

Will you pray and support for this wonderfully fruitful ministry?

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