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"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.” (Psalms 96:3)

A few years ago we started praying seriously for a good way to spread the Good News online, especially in the unreached areas. Not long after, the Lord brought us into contact with other believers with the same desire, and soon we had a dedicated team. Some of these brothers and sisters even do the online work full time and the harvest has been unimaginable. So far we have delivered the Good News to 1.25 billion people and we have 10 million fans.

Please keep this ministry and our faithful team (Barbara from South Africa who leads the team, others from Switzerland and North America watching over the internet security) in your prayers.

We have seen literally thousands of people such as Ryan, Hanita, Ray, Paul, and Sapna come to the Lord in recent years. Each of them with their own story and each a wonderful miracle of God.

Will you pray and support for this wonderfully fruitful ministry?

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Read more about our International Ministry

Our Partners and team members proclaming the Glory of of ​God across the world! Read more about it by clicking the link here. Thanks

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